Monday, July 22, 2013

Sony Xperia ZU could be available in India by July 31

Last month, Sony unveiled the Xperia ZU 6.4-inch phablet globally and now it appears that the product could be available in India by July 31 itself. An e-commerce website has indicated that the product will start shipping from July 31 onwards. Giving more credibility to this is the fact that Sony has slashed the prices of the Xperia Z and ZL smartphones, which could only mean that the company is planning to launch a new flagship product.

The Xperia ZU is Sony’s flagship product and it will be the first product in India to ship with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core CPU clocked at 2.2GHz. It is also the first Sony mobile product to be equipped with a TRILUMINUS display, something which the company uses in its high-end HDTVs.
In addition to this, the phablet has an 8-megapixel rear camera, 16GB of internal memory and 2GB of RAM. For memory expansion it will support 64GB microSD cards. Like the Xperia Z, it is also waterproof and dust resistant. Sony also claims it to be the slimmest smartphone as it is measures in at a svelte 6.5mm.

Sony is pitching this product to be a rival to Samsung’s yet to be announced Galaxy Note III. As one already knows, Samsung’s Galaxy Note line of devices have defined the phablet category and Sony surely this time around has a product that at least on the basis of core specs has what it takes to give the next generation Galaxy Note a tough fight.

While the Xperia ZU does not come with a stylus like the Galaxy Note, it will be able to compete in this regard as well. According to Sony, one can write and sketch on its screen with a pencil, pen or a capacitive stylus that has a tip of over 1mm in diameter.

Recent leaks have suggested that the Galaxy Note III could have a 5.7-inch display and have a 13-megapixel camera with a Xenon flash. Samsung has also teased the possible launch of an upgraded version of its Exynos 5 Octa CPU, which will likely power the next generation Galaxy Note.

Source : DNA

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