Sunday, September 15, 2013

Android OS Lassi or Ladoo Coming Soon?

After Google's announcement that the next  Android OS will be named KIT KAT, Indian Android users came up with their own ideas for future Android releases.

There are two groups petitioning to have their idea be the next name for Android: lassi and ladoo. Both lassi and ladoo are popular Indian treats, following Google's pattern of naming the releases after sugary treats. Lassi is a thick yogurt drink, almost like a milkshake, and can be sweet or salty. Ladoo is a sweet dessert that resembles a golf ball. The lassi group is made up of a group of Indian Institutes of Technology Kharagpur, Sundar Pichai's alma mater, who wrote a letter to Pichai with the request. The group says that naming the next OS lassi would highlight and acknowledge the vast support of Google's platform in India. Last year, 68.8 percent of smartphones shipped to India were running the Android platform. Google announced that it has seen an annual growth of 500 percent in India for Android smartphones.

The second group, the ladoo group, is made up of 500 Indian tech startups. The ladoo group started an online campaign in an attempt to convince Google to name the next OS ladoo. The campaign has over 5000 supporters to date, and that number is still growing. If Google were to name its next OS lassi, ladoo, or some other Indian treat, it could be a way to bridge the East and West. Everyone can identify with a KitKat bar, but very few in the West could tell you what ladoo is. Perhaps Google could lead the way to change that and teach the world about itself.

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